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This App Knows More About Your Facebook Account Than You Do

Nearly 50% of my Facebook friends are Single, which adds up to 123 people total. Meanwhile, 20.1% or 51 of my friends are in a relationship.
All this information I now know thanks to a new “Facebook Report” by Wolfram Alpha, which will gift you with more knowledge than you could possibly ever want to know about yourself and your Facebook profile.

You can access your data by going to Wolfram Alpha’s site and typing “Facebook report” into the search box. Results will ask you to authenticate the app, giving it permission to analyze your account and tell you details.
For instance, I now know I’m Facebook friends with 10 Davids, making that name the most popular on my friends list. Chris comes in second place with a total of 8 making their way onto my list of friends.
I have the most friends in common -–151 -– with my friend Benton, someone I’ve know since middle school. My oldest friend is a 74-year-old professor from college. My youngest is a 22-year-old I babysat when she was just a few years old.
“Wolfram Alpha knows about all kinds of knowledge domains; now it can know about you, and apply its powers of analysis to give you all sorts of personal analytics, “ Stephen Wolfram said in a post on the company blog. “And this is just the beginning; over the months to come, particularly as we see about how people use this, we’ll be adding more and more capabilities.”
In addition to those random trivia facts, the app also gives you a highly detailed breakdown of your most liked and commented on photos, what apps you use most often to upload pictures to the service and when, and even what your average post length is — mine is 9.47 words or 58.59 characters.
The app even gives you a detailed breakdown of you and where you’re from.“It’s quite fascinating—and sometimes revealing—looking at the personal analytics reports for oneself and one’s friends. I think I could spend ages doing it. And coming back at different times to see what’s changed, Wolfram added.
“I’ve no doubt that one day pretty much everyone will routinely be doing all sorts of personal analytics on a mountain of data that they collect about themselves,” Wolfram says. “But it’s exciting today to be able to start that off with Wolfram Alpha Personal Analytics for Facebook. I hope people have fun with it! And perhaps it will also inspire some young Facebook users to become data scientists.”

International Consumer Electronics(CES) trade show 2015 - Las Vegas

The International Consumer Electronics Show has been started in Las Vegas yesterday, which will be held from 6 to 9 January, Which give technology related companies an opportunity to familiarize their latest gadgets including 4K resolution TVs, and might be a curved smartphone and Toyota’s latest venture into hydrogen-power.

“It seems that every year there’s a central theme to the technology introduced and a lot of those have just whiffed,” said Jordan Selburn, an analyst for market researcher  at IHS Inc.(IHS Inc. (IHS) is a company based in Douglas County, Colorado, United States. IHS provides information, expertise and analysis to support the decision-making)

One item excited the show was LG’s G Flex 2 – the South Korean company’s most awaited second curved Android smartphone. It has a very powerful processor to the original LG's G Flex smart phone. Gone are those days where earlier model’s big screen – replaced by a more user handable 5.5 inches display with 1080p resolution. The curve is also less pronounced and used as flex – which the company hopes to make it easier to hold in a single hand, and the casing is very hard plastic, which we hope will be more scratch resistant than before.

LG curved Smart phone

Dana Wolman, the managing editor of Engadget,concluded that “LG is just the latest company to announce a curved gadget. In this case it’s the LG Flex 2, a curved smartphone. But it’s only the latest curved gadget we’ve seen. Samsung came out with a curved all-in-one computer for the home and so far there are already curved TVs, curved monitors, curved smart phones, curved sound bars. Really, these companies are trying to make curved happen whether you are interested or not.”

Japanese giant, Panasonic breaks the suspense, with CX850 series of 4K LED LCD Ultra HD smart TVs. The company said that it displays more vibrant colours and higher purity blacks. The CX850 series supports 4K ultra HD streaming.

Toyota's 'Mirai 'Fuel Cell Sedan

Toyota’s new sporty, hydrogen-powered ‘Mirai’ was also displayed at the expo. The electricity that powers the motors is made on-board as needed simply bycombining hydrogen with oxygen, No emissions are produced other than water vapour making it an eco-friendly car.

For more information see the official website.

How To Write An Article and Blog Writing when starting your own Blog

So for my article today, I am going to talk about the dos and don'ts of writing an article. For those who are very much interested in writing, this hopefully will give you some things to think about. For those of you who have no interest in writing, you can consider this a behind-the-scenes article. I plan to share some of my tricks along the way.

Content Writing

Let's get started:

#1: Pick a Good Title :

 Let's start at the very beginning. Your article should have a title. The title has basically  one job. That job is to convince people to read your article. Your article can be awesome  but if no one reads it, it won't matter.

 An article's title should try to describe what the article is about. The important thing is  for the first few words to be as understandable as possible, filled with keywords that are  important. This will allow users to recognize what the article is about and click  confidently

Does it explain what you article is about?

 For good or for bad, the thing the audience gets when figuring out whether or not to click on your article is your title. Most of the click-throughs depend on the title grabbing the audience. So not only does it have to be descriptive, something about it has to be catchy

Is your title unique?

You need to craft an impression that is uniquely your own idea. This is especially true of your titles. One of the signs that you've gotten good at titles is that readers can start identifying them as your titles

In addition, a title should follow these guidelines:

  • Title length : Google's search results page will display up to 70 characters. 
  • Your title can be longer than this if necessary but make sure your important keywords are in the first 70 characters.
  • Try to vary the way you name the articles
  • Don't use the same verbs or phrases in every title.
  • Try to not use “-ing” words.                                                                                      

#2: Products and Topics :

    start writing a blog
  • Occasionally we write "How To Contribute" articles (like this one) or something in one of the other categories.                                                                                  
  • Articles are also "relevant to" at least one product. They also belong in one main "Topic" and, optionally, a "sub-topic".                                                                     

If they aren't going to be interested in what you're going to say, let them know. It serves no one to force readers into something they are going to be unhappy with. Also, it helps form a trust between you and the readers. You create a transparency so the readers have incentive to return.

blog writer, writers blog, blog writers

#3: Be Conscious of your Physical Presentation :

Some of writing is art and some is craft. This lesson is a craft one. One of the most important things you can do to make your writing approachable has nothing to do with the words, but rather with how you present them

The Role of a Writer :

To service the readers is the utmost importance of every writer. If they aren't going to be interested in what you're going to say, let them know. It serves no one to force readers into something they are going to be unhappy with. Also, it helps form a trust between you and the readers. You create a transparency so the readers have incentive to return.

Using humor and emotion (SURPRISE!) are some of the techniques we can use to engage people. These techniques, which I've listed below, all aim to get your brain to pay attention

#4: Make your writing engaging :

Picking up a Title

Conversational writing style :

         Use an informal, active style similar to the way you'd speak to someone in person    

Humor and emotion :

         Using humor is great but it's sometimes hard or impossible to localize. Emotions like surprise and "I didn't know that!" (not sure what to call that emotion) might be easier to include.

Multiple learning styles :

         Just like in school, people learn differently. Also, everyone benefits from seeing the same content expressed in multiple ways.

Repetition :

        When you explain something in a different way with different media, you're also, obviously, repeating it which is another good way to help people remember what's important.

Images and video : 

Using images and video to explain things along with text is not only the next best thing to being there to help in person, they are an easy way of including multiple learning styles and repetition

Images and Videos

Activities :

        Especially in a tutorial, it's good to give people something useful to accomplish. It's one thing to read instructions and understand the process but it's often helpful to remind people to try things out.

Capitalize the following items:

  • Proper nouns
  • The first word of a complete sentence
  • The letters of abbreviations and acronyms unless they are normally lowercase
  • The first word in numbered or bulleted lists

 Stick To Your Topic :

Talk about that subject and only that subject. This might sound simplistic, but one of the biggest mistakes novice article writers have is a lack of focus. 

Good writers might make the words sound organic, as if they are thinking them up as you read them

For the sake of clarity, don't use i.e. and e.g.

LG Shipped a Record-Breaking 16.8 Million Smartphones In Q3 2014,doubles the profit

           LG's smartphones are not doing just alright,In fact they're doing pretty damn well.

 LG Mobile,which is just one branch of the larger LG Electronics corporate company saw its quarterly shipments jump 39 percent year-on-year and 16 percent on the previous quarter of the business.The company did  $4.14 billion in sales with an operating income of $163.16 million or 167.4 billion

LG Mobile says,is its best quarter of business for five years

Announcing a record number of smartphones sold and the best quarter in five years,LG's sales are totalled 16.8 million devices and the company announced an operating profit of $450 millions roughly double from the same period last year as reported

LG G3 :-

            LG unveiled the G3 in both London and New York with a huge level of hype

Android 5.0 Lollipop coming to LG G3 in Q4 2014

The LG G3 — the latest in a line that began with the Optimus G (the "Optimus" name was retired along with the G2,The G3 is every bit as smooth as expected.

Display :- 5.5 inch QHD
IPS display- 2560x1440 resolution, for a whopping 538 pixels per inch. 
It's powered by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 802 processor at up to 2.5 GHz.

You'll be able to get one with either 16 or 32 gigabytes of on board storage and it takes   a128GB micro SD cardand you can find it with either 2GB or 3GB of RAM as well as per your user convenience for power,you've got a removable 3,000 mAh battery.

The G3 is running presently on Android 4.4.2 KitKat and can be upgraded to Android lollipop 5.0, It will be available in black,white,gold,violet and red.

LG G3 Review: More Than Just A Pretty Screen

How to Write An Impressive Content Title

A Meaning Full Content Always the Readers Would Like to Accept From Any Blogger.You've to Make a Good Impression Towards Your Readers. The First Impression is the Best and Last Impression. One of the Best Way to Impress Your readers is By Adding Cachy Killer Titles. Make Your Post titles Unique So That They May Bring More readers to Look onto the Post.

#1 Grab the Attention in Search engine Results

Whenever a user types in their Search query in a search engine box, They Will be Landed With a  millions and millions of search engine results. On those result pages, there is a title, that Matters a Lot. Users Will Click the Link Which Attracts them The Most. The most spotlighted among those, is the content title which grab users’ eye. This helps you get search engine traffic. With good and effective titles, a content writer can promote search engine traffic to a high level.

#2 Grab Attention From Rss Subscribers

In a similar way as the search engine, conten ttitles have the ability to grab attention of those following you via RSS in news aggregators. News aggregator readers scan the title of the post rather than reading the entire text or an excerpt. Hence, increasing traffic to your site. The same concept is true for other indexes and web directories.


#3 Get Loyal Readers

Web users scan pages at a very high rate and the best way to slow them down is by using catchy titles. These titles intrigue them to click on the title and direct them to your website. This mainly happens in social networking sites where there are number of posts. But people, mainly click on that post which has a Attractive and Interesting Title.

#3 SEO

There are many factors that affects search engine optimization, titles are one of the powerful onsite factors. Use Proper Heading Tags To Optimize Your Posts Like H1 and H2.The words that are used up in the title affects search engine results. Using keywords in your titles enhances your search engine rankings. 

#4 Keep Your Title Simple and Clean

Many Practices have shown that most effective titles are short, simple and easy to understand. The Users Too Like the Most Effective and Simple Titles.Shorter titles also helps search engines to find your content easily. Try to keep it under 50 characters to increase your visibility to search engines.

Good and attractive titles help your posts to stand out from the crowd and bring more attention to the readers. Use unusual  tactics to grab attention.Just Do Something Unique To Differentiate Your Blog and Make it Unique While these tactics can work to draw people in to your post, but it can also harm you if the content of the article does not live up to the expectations. Use this tactics carefully as it may also confuse your readers.

#5 Satisfy the readers

Most people click on the titles because they think that the content containing in the title can provide them what they want. Often the how-to articles make use of this to show readers that they can easily solve a problem or a need that they might have.So Don't Make False Titles.

#6 Description

Most of the readers want to know what they will get to read in the post, with the help of titles. Titles should give a brief description of what readers will get in the post. Although, there are some readers who are drawn by a mysterious title, who do not want to know what they will be reading.

#7 USing effective keywords

Titles are a determining part of an SEO. A content writer should include keywords in the title of the post. This becomes tough, when you will be keeping it simple and also attention grabbing, but not impossible. This can be done. Words at the start of the title are given more importance than the words at the end.

#8 Take Your Own Time.

Take your own time in creating and engaging titles for your posts. Most of the writers commit this mistake. They produce Awesome And engaging content but stick an old title to it.This Might not Bring More Readers to the Post. This should not be done because you Must do your work to be liked and appreciated.
Give the importance to a content title that it deserves.Make it impressive and effective so it maximizes your chances to help your readers and Attract Your Visitors With new Blogging Techniques