The Basics of Blogging and How to Get Them

Most of the Bloggers Know What are the Basics of the Blogging. So What According to You the Basics Of Blogging ? so What are the Things that You Should Get Right To Become a Creative and Successful Blogger.Well if I Ask These type of Questions then i'll Get Different Type of responses.Some Will Say that Monetizing Blog and Some Will Say SEO.

The Basics of Blogging and How to Get Them

The Thing is We Are habituated to Different Things That we are Forgetting the Real and Useful Basics of Blogging. So According to Me the Basics of Blogging :.

#What are Basics of Blogging:.

According to Me these are Some Basics of Blogging

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Promoting 
  • If You Get these Common Things or "the Basics" Then You'll Get Everything Else.Automatically Your Traffic Will Increase and You Can Thereby Monetize Your Blog.


    #How to Get these Basics

    As i Said Above if You Get those Basics then You'll Get Everything Else.So Follow the Below Steps to Get to Know the Basics...

     #1 Reading

    As We Do a Bit of Reading Daily.Before Writing the Content. Read Many Articles Related to It. Do a Bit of Research before Writing An Article.Why because it gives an idea about writing and you'll get Some Experience and you can learn a lot.
    The Basics of Blogging and How to Get Them

    By Reading Other Blogs Under Your Niche Can Get you a Lot of ideas because they contain a lot of Innovative Ideas.

    Reading Books Will Help You in Writing the Articles Because Most of the Bloggers Doesn't Post Their Articles in a Systematic Manner. They Don't Have a Specific Structure. By this Reader  Won't get a Reading Atmosphere Under Your Blog. So By Reading Books You'll Get an Idea On How to Write Articles.

    Research: This is the Most Important Thing One Blogger Must Do, Whatever he May be The Pro Blogger or The Newbie. But Research is Important Task.So go And Surf About the Topics Under Niche Before Writing An Article.

    #2 Writing

    If You Follow the Steps Mentioned Above Then Writing is not a Hard Thing to do. Just Follow the Below Steps And You Can Write Easily.
    The Basics of Blogging and How to Get Them

    Write Well in Your Articles if You Don't Know How to Write Then First Go and Surf Online Blogs Where Many Quality Articles Were Written. Carefully Observe How They Are Framing their Posts and Apply them On Your Articles. Write write and Write Until You Succeed. because it Gives you Experience And Good Writing Skills.

    First Before Writing An Article If You Don't Get Any ideas on Article Then Take a Break and Open a Blank Document.. Then Think About it for 5-10 Minutes And Whatever You Think About it. Just Present them in the Blank Document. Attract Your visitors With Good Writing Techiques

    Make Your Blog Unique By Writing Uniquely 
    Don't Stop in Between After Completing the Document Just Go through it and You'll Find many ideas in it. Just keep in Mind the Ideas. So That It May BE helpful for Your Next Post.

    Set a Schedule For Writing : Try to Write On Anything On Your Pc TO Practice Writing Well. Train Yourself In Such a Way that You Keep Writing As Well as You Can. Make a Correct Schedule For it And Balance Everything.

    Proof Read Your Blog Posts Before Publishing Them. Check Your Posts Well Like a Reader But Not Like a Writer. It Makes You perfect. f You'gone Wrong Somewhere Then You can Fix it Easily.

    Do whatever You Want: Do Whatever You Want. Doesn't Care About What Others Say. Just Write And Write On Your Own.

    #3 Promoting

    Well Promoting is One of the Biggest Things And Sometimes it is the Hardest One too. But it is Not Too Hard. Nothing is Impossible. Most of the Bloggers Fail When Comes to The Publishing and Promotion.If You Proper Promotion then Obviously Traffic Increases.
    The Basics of Blogging and How to Get Them

    Always Promote Your Blog in Such a Way that Your Blog Will Get More People Reading Your Blog Through Social Signals.

    Guest Post: Guest Posting is One of the Best Tactic For Gaining Huge Traffic. Guest Posts Can Help You in Getting Constant Traffic and Search Engine Optimization As Well.Also Know About the Guest Posting Do's And Don'ts 

    Optimize Your Blog Posts For Search Engines Well. Because Search Engines Are the Source For the Largest Sources For Traffic.You Can Get a Good Amount of traffic if You Optimize Your Posts and Images For Them.

    The Basics of Blogging and How to Get Them
    Leave Comments: Leave The Comments on Other Blogs. Wherever You Got Don't Just Come Back. Learn Something From them And Leave Comments on their Blogs. By Doing so You'll Get Some More Visits and Also Some Backlinks too. Always Comment on Dofollow and CommentLuv Blogs to Get Some Backlinks. Dofollow, Commentluv Backlinks Matter a Lot.

    Online Circle : Make a Proper Online Circle. Connect With Your Readers,Friends and Other Blogs Online. It will Increase Your Online Reputation and Makes a Correct Image For You and Your Blog. Share Your Blog Posts On Social media And Networking Sites As Much as Possible.Start Asking Users For Feedback.

    So That's it For Now. If You Follow these Steps Carefully Then Soon You Will Become a Pro Blogger.